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About Even Curiouser

Living is more than lipgloss and sci-fi. It’s so much more than the right shoes or the right accent items. It’s not the books you read or the museums you visit. It’s about always learning. Being unabashed in your love of matte lipsticks and Louboutins while you eat gluten-free pretzels during a marathon of Star Trek. 

This is a space that explores the interests of a passionately curious thirty-something in the Second City. It’s about living the best life. It’s about being different and irreplaceable. It’s about never not learning. It’s also about lipgloss and sci-fi. 

It’s coming of age in a Pinterest world when you still have that MySpace vibe.

I am a warrior

Tap dance on the CTA
Credit: Rosa Raffart

This site is here to inspire. To instill hope. This is for the women who made it to today and are fighting for tomorrow. For the ones who aren’t afraid to keep trying. And the ones who aren’t so sure they can.

It doesn’t matter if you’re passionate about gluten-free cupcakes, red lipstick and leggings, wellness without woo, setting up a life plan or ways to keep learning, this blog is about being fearlessly yourself even when you’re terrified. It’s about being curious about the world and people around you. And it is about designing your life to be the experience you dream of (even when it effing sucks.)

So, what’s the point?

In 2011, this site started as a gluten-free baking blog. It was a way to stave off loneliness when I lived alone, far from family and friends and no one I worked with was my age. I got to experiment with a camera and try new things. I learned a lot and made a lot of friends, but I learned that I was never going to be the best food photographer or the best recipe developer. I took a break, but missed writing. So, I combined 2 blogs – FrannyCakes and the Chronic Positivity Project into a singular blog and named it Even Curiouser. It took about 2 years of sporadic posting and thinking about what I truly whanted, but I’ve finally found it. A place where I can share my tales of being a passionately curious 30-something.

Posts of Epic Proportions

(Or the short history of this site in blog posts)

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Mary who?

Hi! I’m Mary Fran and I’m a fashion school dropout, a Trekkie, a lipstick hoarder and an advocate for rare diseases. I truly believe that cupcakes are therapy and that there is no such thing as a bad time to dance. I spend my days as a UX designer at an advertising giant by day and write, film, craft, bake and dance by night. 

If you ended up here by mistake and you were googling me for my awesome UX skills, you can head over to my portfolio.