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5 Cookbooks I’m loving Right Now

I have a cookbook problem habit. I read them the way so many people read novels and magazines. I mean, have you seen my cookbook shelf?

You know you are a designer when this system of cookbook organization made the most sense.

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This summer, I have few new cookbooks hanging out that I really am loving. (Even Cecelia the Cat is loving them!)

#ceceliathecat is reading cookbooks today. She particularly approves of @theblendergirl and @anneliesz’s new books

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The Blender Girl Smoothies

by Tess Masters

Tess is a dear friend of mine, and I loved her first book and her app, so I had pretty high expectations for this book. In the few short months it has been out, it has become indispensable in my kitchen. (I make smoothies nearly every morning for breakfast and I need clever ideas to keep me smoothies from getting boring).

Steeped: Recipes Infused with Tea

by Annelies Zijderveld

This book is just beautiful. The photos are beautiful. The words are beautiful. The recipes are delightful. Each recipe infuses the flavor of tea in creative ways. A perfect book for any tea lover, any baker or really, any food lover.

Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food

by Jamie Oliver

Ok, so it’s been out for almost a year, but Mammacakes bought this book for me a couple weeks ago. It’s pages are filled with recipes that are a bit more involved and not quite suitable for single lady week night dinners, but I can’t wait for an excuse to dive into these recipes. The photos are gorgeous (as expected) and every recipe is begging to be made. (This is not a gluten-free cookbook, so there are some adjustments that need to be made to many – but not all- recipes). The peanut butter & jelly brownies are on my to-bake list.

Sweet Apolita Bakebook

by Rosie Alyea

Another gluten-filled book, this one requires some confidence in baking gluten-free to adapt from (or a bag of Cup4Cup and a mild sense of adventure). But the cakes are just stunning. Most of the recipes are built from a library of items such as cakes, buttercreams and sauces leading to beautiful results.

My New Roots

by Sarah Britton

This stunner is gluten-free and a delight. It is a celebration of fresh, healthy ingredients – but those items look just as good as every single one in the celebration of butter and sugar above. This book inspires (and resembles) the way I cook each and every night for myself. Get it & be inspired to eat better without sacrifice.

cookbooks i'm loving - august 2015

What cookbooks are you loving at the moment? (because you know my collection needs more!)


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