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Day 73: Trust

This is Day 73 of the Positive 100, a countdown to Rare Disease Day 2014 and an exercise in being positive despite it all.

Trust is one of the most important things we have in this world. We have to trust, because even if we try to push the world away, we can never depend on only ourselves. Trust me (ha!), I’ve tried.

We trust friends and family. Coworkers. Strangers we ask for directions. Doctors. Lawyers. The news. Our gods (whichever one we believe in). Trusting can be hard. Leaving something up to another person or having faith that they are there for you as you would take care of yourself isn’t easy.

But trust is how relationships thrive. It is the basis of faith.

Day 73 : Trust | Positive 100 | Chronic Positivity Project

I couldn’t decide on a picture today. So, first, here is my family. I trust them to love me, even when I am ridiculous. They trust that I will love them even when they post photographic evidence of it on Facebook.

I trust these ladies with my life.

And then there are the friends that you can trust with your life. The friends who you can tell where you buried the bodies. The ones who know the secrets that can never be told.

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