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Day 35: Inspiration

This is Day 35 of the Positive 100, a countdown to Rare Disease Day 2014 and an exercise in being positive despite it all.

I really don’t want to sound trite or cliched here. I really, really don’t. In this case, I believe the cliches are true. That they describe exactly how I feel about inspiration.

It is everywhere.

This amazing world is a constant source of inspiration.

My entire life is a creative endeavor. I go to work in the morning and design web sites for clients with wide ranging needs and goals. I bake whenever I get a spare few minutes in the kitchen and I spend hours writing each week. My camera shutter is released nearly 1,000 times a week (and that doesn’t include the iphone photos that pop up on the insta). I doodle patterns in my notebooks and I have been known to knit and sew whenever I have a moment.

This constant creation isn’t a magic trick and it certainly isn’t easy, but it is easier than so many people think. Creation is a reaction to what you observe. Some of it is filtered and becomes an abstract expression. Some of it is raw and emotional. But it is always triggered by something. A beautiful image, a line in a song, a struggle to get through the day.

I take the this world, with its rough edges and smudged lines, vibrant colors and muted tones, the joyful songs of birds and the sad lament of broken hearts and I translate it into something that I can understand. Those things inspire me to create.

Life is a constant inspiration, and an inspired life is a positive life.

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