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Day 46: Waves

This is Day 46 of the Positive 100, a countdown to Rare Disease Day 2014 and an exercise in being positive despite it all.

You’re probably a lot more awesome than you give yourself credit for. I know you are kicking ass and taking names. You are making waves. Maybe they seem like small ripples to you, but any ripple is a wave to someone.

Making health waves this year.

As for me, it is time to start making waves in my health. After developing CRPS and having 2 SCS surgeries in under 2 years, I went from running 4 miles a day to gaining back 70 pounds of my 125 pound weight loss from 5 years ago while I medicated myself with a healthy dose of cupcakes and avoided the gym like the plague. I have a membership I haven’t used in over a year to a gym that is extraordinarily expensive because I am afraid of what people will think when they see the fat girl work out for 10 minutes and potentially leave in tears.

I am changing that.

A little less chocolate, no more daily dirty soy chai lattes on my way to work (let’s be honest, I will probably still get them once or twice a week), a few less potato chips. A bit of time at the gym and taking the stairs when the pain is anything less than a 6 on that dreaded pain scale.

I am making waves. Even if they are going to be little ripples at first.

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