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Day 48: Direction

This is Day 48 of the Positive 100, a countdown to Rare Disease Day 2014 and an exercise in being positive despite it all.

Where are you going? Are you off on an adventure? Are you off to see the wizard?

Having a direction is incredibly important, and something it is so easy to lose sight of when you are suffering from a chronic illness. Or heck, it is easy to lose it when you are just living a normal, busy life. But knowing where you want to be going, and making sure that you are pointed the right direction can create a positive impact in your life.

Where are you headed?

When we are looking at our lives and take a few moments to look at where we are going, like people often do this time of year, we can determine if we need a change in direction. Subtle changes in direction can have a profound impact over where you are going, and I am all about small changes. Well, I love the idea of grand changes, but every time I try to do that, I fail. Like that month I tried to give up meat, dairy, eggs and all grains instead if simply being gluten-free. I lasted 3 weeks.

I would really like to be off to see the wizard. Or starting some grand adventure.

I like to imagine myself as one of those manic pixie dream girl types. Quirky and funny and ready to jump in to some grand adventure at a moments notice. I pretend I am a free spirited artist, but really, I am a type A control freak who loves to plan to make plans.

So, as you can guess, this girl’s got plans. Big ones.

This year, I am trying to make sure that I am headed in the direction that leads me to them. I spent the last year looking inward and trying to heal myself, this year is all about looking forward and trying to make some goals happen. Like the waves I plan to make in my health. Or the brushing up on my French & German because I hope to travel again soon. Taking some classes so I can keep learning nerdy things like Sass, UX and WordPress. Putting some money away so that I can do things like go on a vacation or finally get my sinuses fixed.

Each of these smaller goals is a guide post or check point to ensure that I am heading the right direction. As I complete each one, I am one step closer to those pie in the sky ideas that float around in this brain of mine. And they’ll remind me that I am headed somewhere if I ever forget what direction I am headed.

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