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Day 51: Color

This is Day 51 of the Positive 100, a countdown to Rare Disease Day 2014 and an exercise in being positive despite it all.

I might be a bit biased as to the importance of today’s topic. I am a designer after all. I am a fashion school dropout, a former painter and lover of beautiful thing – both nature and man made.

Magic dances in the colors of the world.

I love when the sun dances on the horizon celebrating the day to come and when burns magnificent shades of reds and oranges in a salute to the day that just passed. The green that sparkles when spring arrives or the final roar of life on the trees in the fall.

I love the way that there are a million different shades of blue, each one with its own personality. I love that the blue in my eyes will shift to match the blue I am wearing.

I love the way copper turns green with age and the way marble always seems so rich and so white. I love the way that certain shades can nearly smell like items that come in that color.

I love that I can describe my feelings in colors, whether I am blue, full of mean reds or seeing with the green eyes of a monster. I love the power that red lipstick and red soled shoes can wield. I love the comfort in a pair of perfectly faded blue jeans – they just aren’t the same when they are purple or grey or back. No matter how worn they are.

I love a perfectly tinted frosting and brightly colored sprinkles that call out. I love to be mesmerized by the brush strokes of the impressionist masters – so many dabs of color to make an image.

Color brings a certain magic to the world, and for me it brings context. I can explain things better in color than I can in words. I can guide you through a website or make you look at part of an image by using the right color in the right amount. I can tell you a story in nothing more than colors.

(Side note, my dear friend Helen sent me this link about a man who can hear color. Pretty dang cool).

This world is vibrant, thriving place. Take a moment to see the magic in the colors around you.

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