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Day 66: If

This is Day 66 of the Positive 100, a countdown to Rare Disease Day 2014 and an exercise in being positive despite it all.

Ah, what if. I often find myself wondering about the what might have been. What if I never got in that car accident? Would I have tried running to get in shape? Would I have injured the knee? Would I have developed CRPS?

What if I had not been a fashion major when I started college? What if I had been a design major from the start? Would I have ever gone to U of I? Would I have ended up as a web designer?

What if I hadn't dropped out of fashion school?

Or what about the future? If I move away from Chicago will I be happy? If I move to an apartment by myself, will I be able to handle it? If I move somewhere warmer, will the pain diminish?

As fun as thinking about what life would be like if you won the lottery, you can get lost thinking about all the different things that could be or that might have been. Don’t get lost in the what ifs, live in the what is.

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