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GFAF Expo: Dallas Recap

I have been back from the GFAF Expo in Dallas for about 2 weeks – and they have been a little crazy.

There was some drama getting off the ground to get to Dallas. Wonky internet connections and way too much to do in not a lot of time. And a couple of huge projects at my day job. And lots of travel. I have been home less time this month than I have been away. So, there has been little time to actually write this post.

But, there were so many great products & companies that were there. I had some amazing new treats (many that I can’t get where I live, but that’s what you get when you move to the middle of nowhere).

I also got to meet some of my favorite gluten-free bloggers. Brittany from Real Sustenance, Iris from the Daily Dietribe, Lauren-Lucille from the Celiac Diva, Silvana from Silvana’s Kitchen & Easy Eats, Amy from The Healthy Apple, Gluten Free Dee, Rockin GF Gal as well as Pete Bronsky from No Gluten, No Problem and Laura Russel the author of the Gluten Free Asain Kitchen.

Plus, there are some great new things to eat out there. Hail Merry makes this awesome buckwheat granola – now I have to order it online in the midwest, but it is totally worth ordering a whole case.

Wholesome Foods Bakery is a local dallas bakery with some really awesome cookies. I mean awesome. They will even ship cookie dough around the country.

If you can have oats, love grown foods makes a really delicious granola. And the owner of the company was quite sweet. I have eaten a few of the sample packs and really need to order some of this for myself. It is like the granola I like to make for myself, without having to take the time to make it.

Rudi’s bread was there, and so was Udi’s and there was even someone sampling that new Genius bread from Glutino. Here is what I know about these sandwich breads: 1. If you want white sandwich bread, don’t waste your money on the Genius bread. It was really just not good. 2. If you want a good, all-purpose sandwich bread, go with the Rudi’s multi-grain. 3. If you want a great pre-made pizza crust, get the one from Udi’s.

I had a few new beers, and the jury is still out on if I like them as much or better than the others.

Enjoy Life was there sharing some of there awesome trail mix – I wish they would sell it in the small sample packs that they were passing out and their new crunchy cookies – try the sugar cookies, you will love them! I also got my hands on (finally! because I live in the middle of nowhere) the mega chocolate chunks from them. I see some baking in my future!

I also gave a talk on fearless baking. I will post the video online for you all to see soon – I just have to edit it first!


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