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HAWMC Day 20: Burnout

I am attempting the Wego Health Activist Writers’ Month Challenge. A post each day in April. So, now that I told you I am going to do it, I oughta follow through, right? Today’s prompt is to write about burnout. What does it feel like? What are your burnout triggers? What gets you OUT of the pit of despair when nothing is going your way?

In college, before I was gluten-free, my friends all knew that if I was studying for a test there would be cookies. If I had a long day at work, there would be brownies. If I had a fight with MammaCakes, there would be a cake.

When I went gluten-free, I turned to knitting to unwind. It was a little better for my waistline.

But, then I learned how to bake gluten-free. And my brownies didn’t taste like beans. My cakes weren’t gummy. And there was joy in baking again.

The magic of butter and eggs. Sugar. A small army of flours.

The soothing nature of stirring and whipping. Whisking. The motions of the kitchen.

So, if you are suffering from burnout, I offer you my tried & true burnout cure, brownies. I have my base recipe memorized, and they are endlessly adaptable. And you just need 1 pot and 1 pan.

Brownies are the best.

Gluten-Free Mexican Spice Brownies Gluten-Free Espresso Brownies Gluten-Free Strawberry Brownies

My favorites are Gluten-Free Mexican Spice Brownies, Gluten-Free Espresso Brownies and Gluten-Free Strawberry Brownies.

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