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HAWMC Day 26: Stop wishing, start living

I am attempting the Wego Health Activist Writers’ Month Challenge. A post each day in April. So, now that I told you I am going to do it, I oughta follow through, right? Today’s prompt is to write how you wish you could have used a pain-free pass (either in the future or the past)? How would being pain or worry-free impact that day?

I find that this is a slippery slope. Looking at the what-ifs. Longing for a past that wasn’t. Grasping at a future that very well may not be.

Don’t get me wrong, I am full of hope. I am optimistic. Someday, someday.

But hoping isn’t wishing. It is having faith. An idea. A light to guide you through.

Thinking about what I would do with a pain free day? I had plans in life. I had things I liked to do. But my past has colored my future.

It is very likely that I will never be able to ride a bike again. Or to live completely on my own. I will definitely never run again. Learning Irish dance? Nope.

And wishing for these things is not going to bring them any closer to me. 

If it werren't for hopes, the heart would break

So, I am not going to tell you what I wish I could do. I am going to tell you what I am striving for. Where my hope and faith are taking me.

I am looking into writing a cookbook. Or getting one of the children’s books that I have written and illustrated published. I have started working on a new project that I can’t wait for the website to be finished so I can show you. I am going to be the best dang web designer that I can be. And I am going to bake. When I feel good, I am going to try new things (that culinary bucket list of mine just keeps growing). When I feel bad, I am going to make recipes that I know by heart. 

I am going to live fully. Love completely. Fight fiercely.

Who’s in?


  1. Alissa says:

    Maryfran – I’m determined to get my work published as well. I love blogging, but fiction is where my heart really is, and I’ve been working on children’s books, too:) Now we’re definitely going to have to get together some time!

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