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Housewares 2014: Cookware & Gadgets

I would voluntarily live in 75% of the booths at the International Home & Housewares Show. Seriously, the kitchen accoutrements there had me swooning (after I recovered from cooking with Curtis Stone).

International Home & Housewares Show 2014 Picks from FrannyCakes

First up, from Mr. Stone, is one enviably gorgeous Go With the Flow Oil Can.  It’s functional art! Since it is opaque, the oil inside will not deteriorate from exposure to light, no matter how sunshine-y your kitchen is. The nozzle is designed to keep the pour nice and slow (no accidental doubling of the oil in your skillet or on your salad!) and to stop drips.

Oil cans like this are also so much easier to manage in the kitchen when you buy your olive oil from Costco…

It comes in 2 sizes, 16 and 24 oz and starts at $59.95 retail. You can buy your own from Amazon*.

I am not sure how people live without Dutch French ovens, mine is one of my most-used pots (MammaCakes still has hers from when she got married). I think Le Creuset had me in mind when they picked out Palm as their latest color. The modern green feels friendly and this dutch oven is something you’ll still have when your kids are getting married themselves.

It comes in a variety of sizes (and colors) on the Le Creuset website for around $360 or you can get it on Amazon for a steal!

This next one isn’t so much a cooking tool as it is a kitchen necessity. As someone who loves spices, I find it particularly hard to keep them all in an orderly fashion in the cabinets because of all the different sizes and shapes of the bottles. Youcopia has designed a few genius organizing tools, my favorite just happens to be their Chef Edition Spice Rack and you can get it on Amazon for $39.99.

KitchenAid is going to be taking over my entire kitchen soon, I am sure of it. I might still be using Old Faithful, the stand mixer my mom got when she got married 30 years ago, but I keep eying the new models. And they have fashion accessories now! These new ceramic bowls are simply beautiful and they fit perfectly into that dream kitchen I have been pinning cabinets for…

They are microwave and dishwasher safe and will be available starting in June for a suggested retail of $79.99.

Any knife that stars in a comic book must be pretty epic, and thus a must-have. The Shun Blue line was designed with chef & butcher extraordinaire (the dude won Top Chef Masters), Chris Cosentino. The blue steel is sandwiched between stainless steel, and the blades are made with Shun’s commitment to precision and quality. The knives are an investment and range in price from $225 to $350, but an investment that you only have to make once.

I like a little humor in my kitchen, particularly with my wine, so when I saw this wine aerator from Fred & Friends, I might have giggled a bit. (Although, I was kind of hoping it actually was a straw…). All those other wine aerators are a bit to proper for me. It isn’t available quite yet, but I am pretty sure my cousins are getting these for Christmas this year (last year they got Crafting with Cat Hair, so I am keeping up the tradition of excellent gift giving).

Last, but certainly not least, is the Weston Roma 3-in-1 Grater. I have my fair share of cheese graters and choppers, but this one replaces several tools and doesn’t leave you at risk of grating off your knuckles (I’ve done that one too many times with my Microplane…). It’s a good looking and ergonomic tool that can replace a couple of other graters and choppers in your cupboards. You can order it directly from Weston for $29.99.


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