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I have this friend Helen that I go to every time I have an idea for a project. The crazier the idea, the more likely it is that her opinion will be the first (and possibly only) one I will get before I start. She told me the Positive 100 was a great idea. Originally, it was supposed to be simple – just a photo on Instagram every day for 100 days. Somehow, I turned it into 100 blog posts in 100 days.

This month I was contemplating participating in the Wego Health Activist Writers Month Challenge. I did it last year on my other blog, FrannyCakes, and it was empowering to write something daily. The problem was, after the first few days it felt forced. I advocate for cupcakes and making the connection felt unnatural. Now that I have this blog, it would be a better fit to follow along with the challenge here, but it still felt a little out of step.

Then it hit me. I should take this project back to its roots.

I am not talking about the original 19 posters I did, but rather the little post-it notes that I used to leave for myself when the going got tough. I had them everywhere – my computer monitor, my bathroom mirror, the fridge, my bedroom door…you get the picture.

Life is hard. I don’t know why I ever wanted to be a grown-up, kids have all the fun. I was sick, living alone, far away from my friends and family at a job that was slowly killing my spirit. So, I wrote little notes. I turned into my own personal cheerleader.

The post-its never really went away – I always have one or two on my computer monitor, but the posters became my focus as I worked on this project. This month, I am bringing post-its back. I will be leaving them places each day and instagramming them with the hashtag #onapositivenote.

On April 30, I am asking everyone I know to join in and leave a positive note for someone that needs it.

Follow along (or join in the fun!) all month, and pay it forward on April 30!

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