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Relish 18: Tastes like summer

relish 18 | june 2014 | frannycakes picks gluten-free treats

Relish is a compendium of things to enjoy greatly and that add a little flavor to your gluten-free life. And it is fresh, sunny and a tropical treat.

Well, I am mostly moved in now. I still have some stuff at my parents’ house and a living room with no where near enough furniture, but I am getting there. My dining room is all set and I have been cooking and baking up a storm in my new kitchen. (Single lady suppers anyone? This week there was tikka masala, steak with a parsley & mustard sauce and pasta with the famous Marcella Hazan sauce. Oh, and some friends came over for a pre-holiday taco dinner. )

I turned 30. One of my college roommates had a baby. A dear friend got hitched. I made it to a few festivals and a conference. I’d say it was quite the month.

relish 18 | june 2014 | frannycakes picks gluten-free treats

Who’s thirsty?

Summer is for front porch sitting, festivaling, outside cooking and beach walking. Most of these things can be improved upon with a cocktail, and the internet is delivering quite the variety.

relish 17 | june 2014 | frannycakes picks gluten-free treats

I’ve never actually had a mudslide (other than those horrible pre-mixed bottles friends bought in college), but this Coconut Kaluha Mudslide (01) recipe from Irvin at Eat the Love has me thinking of excuses to make it. Over at GFree Foodie, they shared a Peach Cooler (02) from Tina, A Girl Who Loves to Eat. And then there was this Blackberry Shrub Lemonade (03) from Kitchen Confidante. Can we just say “oh, boy!”? I love me a gin cocktail (in fact, I made a fabulous one with basil and grapefruit last year! (04)

Flavor of the month

He’s tall. Ultra nerdy. Has a thing for dessert and… Oh, wait. We are talking about real life. I was thinking about writing a few recipes based on an ingredient, flavor or theme. You know, now that I am cooking every day again, I think it could be fun.

Besides, summer gives us the perfect chance to try this out. Produce is abundant – I trip over it on my way home every Wednesday at the neighborhood farmers market. This month is all about parsley – the least appreciated of the fresh herbs I have at my disposal this season.





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