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Takeout Tuesday: Pei Wei

So soon after a disastrous night out, I went out to eat. Twice. I know you all probably think that I am crazy, but the way my life works, eating out happens a lot more than it should.

Today was kind of a crazy over night jaunt to Chicago for a doctor visit, but it was also P’s birthday. So, we went out to eat. This time, we went to PeiWei instead of our favorite burger joint (because I made my mom take me there for lunch 🙂 ). PeiWei is an fast casual Asian restaurant thought up by the geniuses behind PF Changs (another gluten free favorite of mine).

I would go back just for the futuristic coke machine that had 8 kinds of Fanta Zero. P would go back for the excessive number of Powerade choices (I never said he had good taste).

We arrived right before closing – as happens with last minute trips – and were greated pleasantly. The gluten free menu, albeit short, was different enough from the salads with oil & vinegar dressing or burger no bun orders that I typically have that it was refreshing. The sweet and sour chicken was bright, fresh and not overly sweet. P seemed to enjoy his Pad Thai, but as that was not gluten free, I didn’t taste it.

I got to watch them cook my meal, as the kitchen is open (and, frankly, I am now paranoid). But the cooks communicated that the dish was gluten free several times once the ticket came up. They seemed to gave down what they could and could not do. All in all it was a refreshing experience.

I don’t think PeiWei is that new, my cousin who travels to North Carolina regularly says that it is one of his go-to favorites for gluten free dining. And now, there is one close to my parents’ house (too bad not in the small town that I live in 🙁 ).


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