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Thirty days of notes

Ok, I only made 28 post-its. All things considered, I think I did pretty ok. Sure, it was no 100 posts in 100 days challenge, but it was still an undertaking.

I mean, have you ever tried hand lettering post-it notes? It’s not a challenge for the faint of heart.

And then there is the whole being positive every day bit. Want some real-talk? I still cried myself to sleep a few nights because of the CRPS pain. I am not a freaking ray of sunshine. Every day is not filled with daisies and puppies. I am wrapping my head around the fact that four nerve blocks lasted a whole 6 weeks once we stopped doing them. I wore real jeans exactly 8 times. Today was the last time that will have happened until I can figure out some new plan of attack.

But these notes. Every day there was a note to write. Some were light hearted. Others were direct notes to myself or good friends who I knew needed a pick me up. No matter how bad the pain was, how shaky or stiff my hands were or just how much different the finished note looked than how I had envisioned, I had a note to make. I had something that needed to be created for the sake of being created.

I had come full circle to the notes I would leave for myself when I was first diagnosed. The post-its that littered my bathroom mirror and computer screen at work turned them selves first into a poster series, then a blog, and then, strangely, back into post-it notes I wrote to remind myself to do things like smile. To not stress over the little things. To remember that I was more than a diagnosis.

Maybe I just needed a reminder, like we all do every once in a while, that its ok to have to fight for your ray of sunshine.

Thanks for playing along.


  1. CatieB says:

    Dear Mary Fran,

    As an artist, designer, I appreciate well done pieces, however large, or small, formal or casual, transient, or permanent, elaborate or simple. I did not know of you or your blog until today. (I came across a recipe on cup4cup, and clicked on pages, finding your link. (Have you had a recipe posted on their site?)
    I found your notes and wanted to share with you that I found them delightful, insightful, and beautiful. No need to apologize or comment on any thought that they were less than intended. I tend to do that myself. I also am a person who has had a few years of physical challenges, an uncertain future, and face days that I am not sure are worth it, but with determination, make a choice to see if tomorrow’s holds more chances for joy.
    Thank you for the blessing of finding your site today. I am adding one of my many quotes I use to get me through, if I may.
    “Courage is the ladder upon which all other virtues mount”…Claire Booth Luce.
    There are days when this is my mantra. With this one, I might rise to others to claim them for my own and use them.

    Blessings, peace, and improved health, gifts I wish for you,

    P.S. I tried to signup for your emails, but the window said the “Feedburn” was not set up to accept email signups. Is there a solution to this?

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