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Wednesday Weigh In: Let’s get started

Oh man, I love a good cupcake. And pie. And layercake. And anything confit (cooked slowly in oil). Oh, and fried things. Sure, I like veggies, but they are best when they have some sort of dip.

And that my friends, is my problem. Ok that, and, going out to eat 1-2 times a day because of my crazy commute.

Remember when I tried to go vegan & gluten-free in the fall because I was so unhappy with my body? Well, the good news is that it did force me to start thinking more about my food. The bad news? It wasn’t a sustainable way for me to live. I take a lot of medications and need to pay particular attention to balancing what I am eating. Above all else, I get hangry. Hangry Mary Fran is not a nice Mary Fran.

Real Celiac Housewives of Dallas. It's a thing.
Real Celiac Housewives of Dallas. It’s a thing.

I don’t know who the girl in that green dress is. I thought she disappeared years ago. It is time for some changes. And while it might already be a couple days in to the new year, the best time to start is always right now.

So, I have a plan of sorts.

It goes something like this: Get moving. Eat less junk. Eat more veggies. Drink less empty calories. Check in.

Gluten-free & healthy in 2014

Healthy & Strong

I have a FitBit Force on its way, although it has been delayed do to all this lovely winter we are having. I am hoping that the little badges and alerts help keep me on target and that it helps me be honest with myself about how much activity I am completing. I also am going to be checking my weight regularly to make sure that I am headed the right direction. This model even updates my FitBit account for me. (Do you use a FitBit? You can be my workout buddy…)

I have been away from the gym for nearly a year, first because of the SCS surgery and then because I was just too embarrassed that I can maybe do 10 minutes at a time do to the CRPS and just how out of shape I am. This month, that changes. and I am going to start going to the gym regularly. But, because none of the classes are around when I can get there, I am going to need a little extra help.

That’s where the Barre3 app ($4.99 in the app store) comes in. Inspired by Erica at Celiac and the Beast‘s posts about PureBarre on Instagram, I looked into barre workouts. For me, they are ideal because of their low impact. Unfortunately there isn’t a place all that close (and, I don’t have an extra $250/mo to spend on it). After some googling, I found the app and it is perfect. There are a bunch of 10 minute videos that require no or minimal equipment. Perfect for someone with a crazy schedule and even crazier nerves.

Food Bits

I joined WeightWatchers. Again. At least this time my sister is doing it too – so I won’t be alone in trying to eat healthy. I was thinking about using MyFitnessPal or LoseIt! because of their integrations with the FitBit, and I don’t want to double track, but for the first month, I will, just to see if I like the new program at WW. If I don’t, I’ll switch to one of the others.

Who’s excited to fit in to that bridesmaids dress they had to buy 2 sizes too small for a June wedding because the bride picked a discontinued dress (that was on clearance for $200) the week before Christmas and the company wasn’t going to get any more of your size in? This girl.

Yes, this is a new, regular column on FrannyCakes.

Wednesday Weigh-Ins are going to be posts about progress and getting stronger, but mostly they are going to be about the food. A delicious, healthy recipe each week. (But don’t worry, my friends will still have birthdays, so there will most definitely still be amazing gluten-free cupcakes and an unabashed love of butter and sugar here.)


  1. Kudos for not just having a resolution, but being smart about having a plan to check in and be accountable. Those are the things missing from most resolutions. You are a beautiful person that I highly capable of staying on this track.

    I need to get my FitBit Force so I can be your workout buddy too!

  2. GO YOU!! I’m in the saaaaammmme boat, in fact I’m steerin’ that thing! I can’t wait to read your Wednesday posts.

    I had a fitbit back in the day when it was the original version and it kept breaking. After 3 or 4 replacements, I ended up just getting my money back, so I’m glad they came out with a wristband. I have the JawboneUP and I LOVE IT!! I’ve been using it since October-ish and it’s kind of become obsessive. Plus I love the alerts it sets off if I’ve been sitting too long.

    If you decide to switch over to MyFitnessPal, that’s where I’m hanging out and tracking. I’ve done WW a few times too, but figured I’d save the money and give MFP a whirl.

    As far as the workout sessions, if you’ve seen my instagram feed, you know I have plenty of DVDs, apps, and whatnot to keep me busy for a while. 🙂

    Get it, girl!

    • maryfran says:

      You are one of the booty kicking ladies that inspired me to get off my backside.

      Do you like MFP? I signed up for WW because my mom & sister are doing it too, so I thought it might be easy to follow this time…but we’ll see. I might like free better 🙂

    • maryfran says:

      How do you like MFP?

      I have only had the FitBit for a week, and I already love it. It keeps me accountable – and anything that puts data into graphs for me wins 🙂

  3. Love the plan — you’re on it! I had similar moments when seeing me in the dress for my sister’s wedding and then at Christmas when my husband gave me a new North Face (a size bigger than the one I used to wear mind you) that didn’t fit. It’s been a rough year around here to say the least, but it’s a new year. Time for a new me. (and you!) Just added you on FitBit (LOVE MINE!) and look forward to tracking together.

    Good luck on this journey, we’ll all be cheering you on!

  4. PaleoToGo says:

    Going vegan was really bad for me. When I went Perfect Health Diet aka paleo plus potatoes, that, that got rid of the hangry!

    • maryfran says:

      I really don’t know what I was thinking. I love a good steak. Or pork loin. Or corned beef. And eggs. And cheese.

      The results I have seen from people who do paleo has always been impressive, but it is too restrictive for me. I did just get the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook in hopes that it can inspire me to eat less of the grains I grew dependent on when I first went gluten-free.

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