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Rose Cupcake Toppers

how to sculpt fondant roses

Does Pinterest get you too? I swear, every time I log in I find some beautiful cake or cupcake that I wish I had the skill to make. I dream about all the intricate piping I would do if I could get my hands to obey. The fondant sculptures I would make if I had a reason.

Well, I think I looked at one too many rose-adorned baked goods, and I might have gotten a wee bit obsessed.

It happens, though, right? Pinterest tricks us into trying things we normally wouldn’t.

I caved to their evil master plan and tried something that was just a little bit out there.

(And no, I am not referring to the Doctor Who/ fez cupcakes I made last month even though “fezzes are cool.“)

Today, I went and made a whole assortment of roses. And then I made cupcakes to put them on.

yellow rose

Embrace your inner child’s love of playdough and sugar, and you will be in the right mindset to make these roses.

So, you want to make the roses

All of the steps are written out below the image, but I wanted to give you a good overview of what was happening at each stage. You don’t need any fancy tools – you could just use your fingers, a rolling pin and a round cookie cutter, but using some of the sculpting tools mentioned will make this process a lot easier. They can also be made with fondant or gum paste, but I used the Wilton dough for these.

How to make edible roses using Shape-N-Amaze or Fondant

  1. Warm up the Shape-N-Amaze (or fondant) by working it with your hands until it is pliable.
  2. Take a small amount of the dough (a #2 in the measuring tray), and roll it into a teardrop shape.
  3. Use a #11 size ball (about 2″) and roll it very thin – 1/16″.
  4. Cut out at least 5 (and up to 13) circles that are slightly larger than the teardrop you made in step one. The number of petals changes the size of the rose.
  5. Thin the top edges of the circles using the large, round sculpting tool.
  6. Start attaching the petals using a little water to help them stick. The bottom might get a little big, so roll it to be thinner and then pinch off the extra at the end.
  7. You can curl the edges of the petals on the outer round to open up the flower and give it a more realistic look.
  8. These will last for several months – so it is perfectly ok to make them up ahead of time.

See? They are pretty easy to make – unlike 90% of the projects you find on Pinterest.

A giveaway

[box type=”info”]While Wilton provided the giveaway for this post, they did not sponsor the post or provide additional compensation. I asked them for product to giveaway after trying it out myself. [/box]

I first got to try the Shape-N-Amaze at BlogHer this summer when Wilton invited me to a fun event at their headquarters. When I was there, they double checked the gluten-free status of the dough. (They track 27 different allergens at Wilton and their customer service is always happy to answer questions about their products).

shape-n-amaze owl

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