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Day 76: Imagination

This is Day 76 of the Positive 100, a countdown to Rare Disease Day 2014 and an exercise in being positive despite it all.

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Albert Einstein

Imagination is a wonderful thing. It is the basis of creativity. It is how we escape what might just be boring or painful. Imagination gives us wonder and dreams.

The world is your playground, you can make anything you can imagine.

A little imagination turns a cardboard box into a Tardis and a bow tie can make you a time lord. A couple of coat hangers and white tights can turn in to fairy wings. A white piece of paper becomes a fantastic animal. Fabric turns into gowns. A can of beans and some water turns into soup.

Imagination is how we solve problems; it helps us improve our reality. How? Complex problems need creative thinking to be solved. What you can dream up isn’t bound by the laws of physics or the limits of your current situation. And once you have that idea, no one can take it from you. You can change your situation. You can find a way around the laws of physics.

Maybe you just create a pretty dress out of a few flat pieces of fabric. Or you only use your imagination to see the sights from the novels you read. Imagination can help with physical therapy or pushing through a hard work out because you are imagining yourself at the finish. You already succeeded in your mind, so your body will follow.

I grew up certain that I was going to take over the house of Chanel, and even though that isn’t quite where I ended up, those moments were not wasted. They taught me new ways to look at my world. They gave me a fantasy to work toward.

Cherish your imagination, and never let it rest.

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