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HAWMC Day 10: {nearly} Wordless Wednesday – I feel pretty

I am attempting the Wego Health Activist Writers’ Month Challenge. A post each day in April. So, now that I told you I am going to do it, I oughta follow through, right? Today’s prompt is to post a picture we like of ourselves.

I learned a little something about myself when looking for a picture to post.

I tend to make faces when a camera is in my face. All sorts of silly i-don’t-feel-so-pretty faces. The kind of faces where you try to make it seem like you have a devil may care attitude. When all you really want is for the camera to go away.

And that is in the pictures that I let get that far. Normally I prefer to be on the other side, snapping away. Finding and framing a world that sometimes I feel like I am not part of.

But every now and then, a picture where I am not making a ridiculous face slips through.

Enter this photo. It is me and my newest cousin (my cousin-in-law if you will). Dressed to the nines.

Having fun despite the pain. Living life and not letting it pass me by.

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