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HAWMC Day 15: Sharing

I am attempting the Wego Health Activist Writers’ Month Challenge. A post each day in April. So, now that I told you I am going to do it, I oughta follow through, right? Today’s prompt is to pick someone else’s blog post and write a comment to them. (And yes, there is a lot of writing about other people going on in this challenge, but I think this might be the last one).

I have made it halfway through this challenge, and I can certainly say that I am learning an awful lot about myself. And it is incredible to feel so much less alone. To know that there are others out there who suffer as much as I do. To know that other people have faced the same type of choices that I face. To know that other people are pushing through too.

Getting a diagnosis is hard. I don’t care what it is for. There is always a relief  knowing what is causing your symptoms but that little relief is often overshadowed by the fear of the unknown. Not knowing how soon you will get your life back. The uncertainty that plagues your research and tests your hope and faith.

This post about the moment of diagnosis from Breaking Up with Captain Crunch brought me to tears. Go read it now, I’ll wait for you to come back.


I have been that girl, too. The one overwhelmed in the grocery store. Trying to figure out which unfamiliar products to buy. Resenting the experience of shopping.

Thanks for telling it like it is, Alissa. I would give that girl a hug too!

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  1. Alissa says:

    Health issues are such a personal thing, but it really, reaaaaaallllly helps to know that you aren’t alone. Thanks for sharing my post. Sometimes it’s hard to see beyond the snot and the runny mascara, but things do get better.

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