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HAWMC Day 4: I care about you, so here’s the secrets to life

Inspired by my co-sufferer, Candice at Embrace GFree, I am attempting the Wego Health Activist Writers’ Month Challenge. A post each day in April. So, now that I told you I am going to do it, I oughta follow through, right? Today’s prompt: create a “care page” – a list of your best resources.

I really struggled with what to write for this post. While I write about embracing life and living fully while i chronic pain, I don’t give advice. I don’t have a library of essays on life with chronic pain. Nor do I possess the ultimate guide to living gluten-free. Sure, I have a resources page, but that is rather boring and utilitarian.

And I am anything but boring and utilitarian. I mean, have you seen my shoes?

So, as the world’s leading cupcake therapist (I invented that title 2 days ago…), I thought I would share a few prescriptions for hope and happiness. Because maintaining those when you have CRPS (or food allergies or celiac or any other condition that is part of your life) is incredibly important.

We’ll start with a positive thought. There is research about the power of positive thinking, and how framing your thoughts in a positive manner can improve your quality of life.

Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day

But that’s not everything- sometimes you need something more.

Like a cupcake. Or broccoli.

An aid for someone newly diagnosed

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, cupcakes have therapeutic properties, and they are particularly useful when you are newly diagnosed and have turned to google for the first time. Then find an organization that works with your condition and start making connections

An aid for the times you feel like you just want to eat jelly beans because you have recently decided they are a food group

It happens to all of us. Ok, maybe just me. Just in case I’m not alone in this, I’ll confess that this is one of those times when broccoli is called for. And maybe even a green smoothie or two. Be kind to your body as often as you can manage, no matter how battle-worn it is.

For those days when you just don’t want to get out of bed

First, acknowledge those feelings. It’s ok to be frustrated and loving the comfort of your bed. Then get your booty up and get going. A good breakfast can do wonders for that feeling. So can reading a blog full of positive thoughts. Or getting a lecture from Kid President.

An aid for when you have to be awesome and you feel just ‘some’

Take a deep breath, and then make some brownies. People always love them, and you are automatically awesome. If you still need more ‘awe’, you can always turn to the internet to tell you that you rock.

A prescription to heal a heart break

No matter your health, we all suffer a heartache now and then. And a good cocktail or two is good for the soul. So is selling ex-boyfriend jewelry (and maybe scoring something new for yourself).


And when all else fails, I get by with a little help from my friends, and I think maybe they could help you too.


My focus on FrannyCakes has always about living life without a focus on a condition or disease. It has been celebrating living with food. Sharing from my heart. Google is where I started when I was diagnosed and I know now that I should have jumped on twitter. Reaching out to real people, making connections and interacting with people with a positive outlook has made all the difference to me.

Erica, Celiac and the Beast

Gluten-free real talk, product reviews and overall awesomeness.

Brandy, A Spoonful of Wellness

The sweetest celiac on the planet. An RN and a pageant queen.

Alison, A Girl Defloured

Fresh & easy recipes. A love of cocktails. A killer sense of humor.

Candice, Embrace GFree

Celiac with CRPS. Sweet, funny and informative.

Aimee, The Healthy Apple

Gluten-free clean-foods. An honest struggle with chronic pain and illness. Food as medicine.

KC, The GFree Foodie

Full of food. A healthy dose of humor and honesty when it comes to living with celiac.

Danielle, Project 3×5

(Ok, so I don’t know her in real life, but she is the only CRPS blog I follow religiously).

Crazy positive, full of hope. An honest account of living better with chronic pain.

If you are still looking for more

For a more complete list of blogs & organizations sorted in a useful manner, check out the resources page.




    • maryfran says:

      Thanks Jamee! I am trying to make all of the prompts fit my blog/point of view, and I am glad that people are liking it !

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