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Cookmore: Holiday Recipes with a Twist from Eden Grinshpan

kenmore cookmore.com launch

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to go to a launch for the new Kenmore Cookmore website.

And let me tell you, the launch party was pretty swanky. Mostly because of the Mojitos. (I couldn’t eat any of the appetizers that were passed before the demo or any of the desserts after, so I indulged in a cocktail or two…).

Ok, it wasn’t the mojitos. Kenmore knows a thing or two about the kitchen. And they want to share their passion for what happens in yours, so they are launching a website called CookMore. Users can upload recipes, share adaptations and personal “twists” to existing recipes and create their own digital cookbooks.

Sounds like my kind of website, and I encourage you to go check it out. Especially if you think either of the dishes above look delicious, because they were.

[box type=”info”]As part of the Cookmore launch, Kenmore is donating $1 for each recipe uploaded to their site to Heros at Home[/box]

Eden Grinshpan of Cooking Channel’s Eden’s Eats took the stage and prepared 3 traditional dishes with a twist. As a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in London (where she studied both cooking and pastry), she brought some serious culinary know how. And she employed my favorite cooking technique – the dump and mix.

She was full of positive energy and inspiration for how to take a classic and make it your own.

But really, it was a pretty awesome evening. Mostly because of the Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Chimmichurri and the Curried Lentil Soup. Two dishes that are gluten free without any changes. That is my kind of savory cooking.

So, go, add recipes & twists. And have fun cooking!

I attended the event as a memeber of the Chicago Blogger Network.

frannycakes meets jillian michaels

Housewares Show Wrapup 2012

I went to my first “press event” on Saturday. When I found out that I had a chance to go see the Soda Stream exhibit, I jumped at the chance – I was hoping for free samples of soda. So, I texted my mom. “I got a press invite to a kitchen gadget show from Soda Stream. You in?” I got a “sure” and then about an hour later “Wait, you mean the International Home & Housewares show?” Apparently it was kind of a huge international event. And I made it inside as press. Read more

Come meet me!

No, I am not bringing goodies to the market (maybe next year…). I am going to Dallas, baby!


Blondie and I are heading out there October 1st for the Gluten & Allergy Free Expo. I am really quite excited to go!

I went to my first one in 2010 in Chicago, after a friend of mine had told me she had found this amazing cupcake joint in Chicago because of the previous year’s GFAF Expo.

This year it was huge compared to last year. There was so much more food to sample and more things to learn. Heck, I even got to meet the Pamela. 

So, what exactly is it? There are a bazillion brands of foods and items you never knew you were missing, and there will be over 70 booths from manufacturers, restaurants, support groups and authors. The fair is completely gluten free. And many products are free of other allergens. My dad found breakfast cereal, chocolate chips, a peanut butter replacement, better pasta and even frozen pretzles to eat (his food allergy list is a mile long, so just one of these things would have made the trip worth it for him). My mom and I found a new hard cider to enjoy. Oh yeah, and gummy bears and sour worms.

The vendor fair includes all that plus a kids arts & crafts area and a stage with presentations. I will be there. Talking about how to approach allergy friendly baking with reckless abandon. No? How about just making it less scary.

[box type=”info”]October 1 & 2, 2011
$20 at the door ($5 for children under 12)[/box]

There are also cooking classes taught by top gluten free bloggers and other food industry pros. Think Amy from Simply Sugar & Gluten Free, Brittany from Real Sustenance (I might have a blog crush on her – go make some of her food!), Silvana Nardone who wrote cooking for Isaiah, and Cybele Pascal. (I can’t wait to meet all of them myself)

Now, go buy your ticket or your cooking class, and I will see you in Dallas!